Oral presentations

Participants must present research results or reflections on any specific aspect of the conference streams. Each participant may submit a maximum of two presentations or an oral presentation and a poster. In the case of proposals submitted by two or more authors, all must register for the conference. The time allocated for each paper is 20 minutes.


They will be eminently practical (teaching experiences, teaching grammar projects, development of educational activities, etc.). There will be a poster session on the 28th and on the 29th, during which the authors will present and explain their work.


Symposia presentations will gather research groups around issues related to the teaching of grammar. Individual research groups will be responsible for nominating a moderator from their group, who will need to liaise with the conference organizers. The symposium will have a maximum duration of 120 minutes and a maximum of four presenters. Each participant will have a maximum of 20 minutes to present their work.

The selection of proposals, seminars and posters is subject peer-review.
Please, bear in mind that both papers and posters must be presented by at least one of the authors. Papers or posters presented by a person other than the authors are not allowed.

Conference Languages: Proposals will be considered in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, French, and English.


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